Nicole Austin - General Manager

General ManagerAnd DistillerNicole Austin

Nicole Austin graduated from Manhattan College with a major in Chemical Engineering in 2006, before landing her position as a Master Blender for Kings County Distillery in 2010. She then joined The Oak View Spirits consulting firm where she handled everything from raw material sourcing to contract negotiations. Most recently, Nicole served as a Project Commissioning Engineer for William Grant & Sons at the Tullamore Distillery in Ireland. She’s also been a fierce advocate for the distilling industry as a founding board member of the American Craft Spirits Association and co-chair of Legislative, Convention and State Guild Committees.

In her role as General Manager and Distiller of Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. Nicole leads the strategic direction of the company, which means she has dual responsibilities across operations and marketing for the distillery and its whisky brands. Since joining the Cascade Hollow team, she’s been instrumental in the latest innovations from George Dickel—including George Dickel Bottled in Bond (Fall 2005) that launched in May 2019 and was awarded Whisky Advocate’s “Whisky of the Year” distinction in December 2019. Additionally, Bottled in Bond (Fall 2008) was awarded a 95 rating from Whisky Advocate, topping the 94 rating of the prior vintage. In March 2020, Nicole was also named as Artisan Spirit Magazine’s first ever “Distiller of the Year” where the selection committee weighed Nicole against several selection guidelines including “willing to push boundaries while still understanding and learning from tradition” to “industry advocate to customers and others outside the boundary of the distillery.”. In June 2021, Nicole announced the newest release from Cascade Hollow Distillery – Dickel Bourbon – a permanent offering that’s been aged 8 years. For Nicole, creating Dickel Bourbon was an opportunity to showcase the amazing, mature whiskies at the distillery. When she was creating the ultimate blend for Dickel Bourbon, Nicole sampled thousands of barrels in the distillery’s inventory before selecting the final liquid.